Who is ExpressLingeries?

Express Lingeries is the brain child of a university student who became an e-commerce entrepreneur. ExpressLingeries, like all great things, started as a small idea conceived at the desk of a Graphic Design and Marketing student with a passion for pretty things. Soon, she built a little online site that appreciated women in all their forms.

Who is the ExpressLingerie girl?

The Express Lingerie girl is empowered, confident, and sexy. She lives for playful times, because she knows that being sexy is 99% attitude, and she can make even the simplest of designs look stylish and chic. The Express Lingerie girl knows exactly who she is, what she wants, and how to get it. The Express Lingerie girl is anything and everything she wants to be. You will find the Express Lingeries girl sipping on champagne and listening to the sweet RnB tunes of Chris Brown and Drake on repeat.



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